Monday morning calls for Green Acai Bowl!

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Happy Monday all! It was a beautiful Monday morning. I woke up nice and early and finally in months hit the treadmill! I jogged at a steady pace for 22 minutes! I have totally fell off my fitness regime and now have to build up my stamina and endurance all over again! Overall, I had a great workout and will only ( hopefully ) get better and keep it consistent. I made sure to drink plenty of water before I started running. After I got off the treadmill, I made myself my favorite breakfast I love having when it is super warm. I made myself an acai bowl w/ one frozen banana, frozen acai packet, three frozen strawberries and about 2 cups of fresh baby kale blended with 1 cup of coconut almond milk blend. Topped it off with some chia seeds, hemp seeds, goji berries, coconut flakes, and my current favorite granola – Purely Elizabeth’s ancient grain cereal! It was super filling, nutritious, and super yummy!DSC_0025


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