5 natural ingredient Hair treatment

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My hair has always been on the dry side. Also, it’s super curly. Ever since I got my hair colored about 6 months ago, my hair has been looking very dull and gets tangled very quickly. I don’t wash my hair often and don’t have the time to spend hours and hours detangling and brushing my hair every day. I aim to wash my hair at least 2 times a week. I have cut out all commercial and mainstream hair products out of my hair washing routine. I try to use  natural ingredients and products as much as possible. In most every commercialized hair product even body washes, they all have one ingredient and that is sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS. 

SLS is what makes your cleaning agent foam. It’s toxic and has been linked to many health and skin problems and if I were you , I’d try to stay clear away from any product containing this “chemical”. Look for products that say ” SLS free”..or better yet make your own! You can’t get better than that! I will share one of my most recently favorite homemade all natural 5 ingredient cleansing/ conditioning treatment.


  1. Black castor oil
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Avocado oil
  4. Blackstrap mollasses
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Table spoon of each ingredient, mix all together in a warm bowl and apply it to the roots and massage into the scalp. Let it sit for 30 minutes and rinse as usual. DSC_0039.JPGDSC_0038.JPG

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